10 Tips for Women Travelling Alone in London

Travel-LondonHere at the Hotel Amsterdam, we welcome a number of women guests who are travelling alone each year.  We understand that sometimes this can seem like an intimidating idea, and we are pleased that so many of our female guests feel comfortable to stay with us more than once.  We have put together this small guide for women travelling alone in London and would be happy to welcome any lone female visitors to our hotel as we are confident we can provide them with a safe and secure base from which they can enjoy their visit to London without having to be concerned.

1 – Book somewhere safe – Security is important, check how safe and secure the hotel is before you visit.  Phone and speak to them before you book and explain that you are travelling alone, all good hotels will be able to reassure you before you visit.

2 – Make sure someone knows where you are staying – Leave contact details with your friends or family so that they know where you are going to be and can get in touch with you if they need to.

3 – Check in regularly - Don’t leave it days between getting in touch with your friends and family, check in with them each day for peace of mind and so they know that you are safe.

4 – Plan your visit in advance - Don’t leave it until the last minute or you may find that you do not have the choices that you might have had if you booked in advance.

5 – Understand your travel options - Don’t be left in Central London late at night wondering how to get to your hotel, plan it out before you leave home. The Amsterdam Hotel is close to Earls Court tube station and is easy to get to by bus or taxi.

6 – Report anything that makes you uncomfortable - Speak to the hotel staff if you have any concerns and ask for their help.  They are there to look after you and ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

7 – Eat at restaurants that are busy and very public, don’t venture too far from the beaten track - Ask for recommendations and sit away from the window if you are uncomfortable feeling as if you are on display as a woman travelling alone.

8 – Look after your possessions - Don’t carry lots of cash, have your bag across your body so that it is harder for thieves to target, ask the hotel if they have a safe you can use.

9 – Take licensed taxicabs - Check that the taxi you are getting into is legal and registered.  Do not get into a cab that you suspect is not licensed.  Stick to the iconic London black taxis and you will be sure of a safe journey.

10 – Be careful where you visit - Most of London is safe and enjoyable but there are some areas where it is not advisable to go at night, or even during the day. Be sensible and do some research before you go out, if you know where you are going you are less likely to wander into a rough area without realising it.

If you choose to stay with the Hotel Amsterdam we will guarantee to provide you with a safe and secure base to enjoy your visit, get in touch and ask us why we are the best place for you to stay.