Budget hotels in Kensington

Choosing a hotel to stay in Kensington will place you close to all of London’s top attractions, whilst still being in a calm and scenic part of the city, away from the hustle and bustle. Surrounded by beautiful period buildings and lush green spaces, Kensington is also ideal to just relax and enjoy yourself, especially on a beautiful sunny day. With a budget hotel in Kensington, you can really make the most of your time in the city, while saving big on accommodation prices.

Great shopping close to your hotel Harrods London

With the London Tube giving you access to all of the city’s top spots and sights, choose a budget hotel that’s placed centrally in Kensington. You can easily get the heart of designer shopping in London, at the luxurious, world famous department store, Harrods, or for more contemporary style and fashion, check out Harvey Nichols. If designer luxury is beyond your budget, then head on across to Oxford Circus, where all of the country’s best High Street brands can be found. You’ll definitely find something that appeals to you, whatever your tastes.

Budget hotels don’t have to mean missing out on the fun Natural History Museum

Budget hotels in Kensington are also the perfect place to explore some of London’s varied, and free to enter, museums and galleries. Kensington itself is home to some of London’s best museums, all located right on the doorstep of your hotel. Check out the Natural History Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum to explore some of the fascinating collections – from the ever-popular Dinosaur Gallery and lifesize displays of giant squids and whales, to the formidable range of exhibits from across the globe at the V&A. The incredible collection boasts items from European, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Chinese artefacts, including ceramics, artwork, sculptures and more.

Great green spaces

London has a fantastic variety of parks and green spaces across London, where you can relax and catch up on the sun. Kensington is full of fabulous parks, all within easy distance of your budget hotel, where you can have an enjoyable stroll, people watch or get fit and enjoy a run. Kensington Palace, once the private gardens of the Royals, is a true gem, housing both the Serpentine Gallery and the popular monument to Diana, Princess of Wales. Nearly 300 acres of green space, it is a popular destination for visitors of all ages.

Or take a trip to Kensington Parks, originally a part of Hyde Park.  It covers over 260 acres, and is a renowned and historic beautiful space in the heart of the city, popular with cyclists and runners on its many paths, as well as sunbathers and picnicking groups, especially when the weather is beautiful. You can also enjoy delicious treats from the tea rooms and café.

With such a wealth of activities close by, your budget hotel stay in Kensington will be far from dull, but instead, packed to the brim with exciting and interesting activities from the very best of London.