London: Souzou Japanese Art Exhibition

Get a taste of the diverse and eclectic art scene when you visit the fabulous city of London. The renowned Wellcome Collection is showcasing some insightful and intriguing art from over 46 different artists living in Japan, which give a taste of delight, wonder and inspiration. A perfect way to unwind during a busy day in London, the exhibition takes place in the heart of the city centre, and is running all through the month of June. Why not pencil in a date to visit during your stay at The Amsterdam Hotel in London?

Souzou Japanese Art Exhibition

The world’s best art in London

London is famed for its incredible diversity and multicultural atmosphere – you can look forward to uncovering all sorts of things when you visit. The Souzou Art Exhibition features a unique take on Japanese art – by displaying work from those who are often seen as “outsiders” – away from the normal limitations of contemporary art. These beautiful and stunning pieces, including paintings, watercolours and sculptures, are created by artists who attend Japanese social welfare institutions, and give a taster of another view of life. The range of pieces in the exhibitions show a form of art that is created just to enjoy art for its own sake – rather than to shock or get headlines. That makes this exhibition truly on of the most refreshing in London at the moment!

The Wellcome Collection is easy to get to, and is the home of many great shows and exhibitions in central London. It can be reached by bus or Tube, with the closest stop being Euston Square. Open every day of the week and late on Thursdays, you can pop across to the gallery whenever you feel like during the day.

Visit the Wellcome Collection during your stay in London

The Wellcome Collection is a free and easily accessible attraction in central London, that is always full of intriguing and surprising exhibitions to satisfy your curiosity! Any visit will leave you feeling enlightened and excited to discover something new. The Wellcome Collection looks at the connection between life a, art and medicine, in the past, present and future, so it’s the place to be if  you want to go off the beaten tracks and escape the tourist crowds. Souzou Japanese Art Exhibition

As well as the gallery, you’ll also find a bookshop and library, where you can find some great books and magazines to take away with you, and a spacious café and restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious meal, or have a relaxing drink in the beautiful surroundings.

The Wellcome Collection is located right in the heart of the city centre, so it’s easy to get to from your comfortable hotel room, by bus, taxi or the Tube. Book a room in the spacious and elegant Amsterdam Hotel to take advantage of all the great things to do in London – with all of the city’s fantastic cultural activities just a short distance away, your stay in London will never be dull!