My stay at the Amsterdam Hotel

This is a guest post written by Angelica Eliza, who wants to share his experience at Amsterdam Hotel.

Arriving late on a cold and wet evening off the train in London, the last thing I wanted was a long trek to find the hotel – or worse, having to resort to a really expensive cab ride!

Thankfully, after a quick check on the map, we realised that the Amsterdam Hotel was just minutes away from Earls Court tube station, and pretty soon, we could see the inviting appearance of the hotel up ahead.  First impressions? The Regency style building looked beautiful from the outside – and definitely more expensive-looking that what I had expected from the prices!

Family Room Apartment LondonIt might have been late in the day, but we still got a warm welcome from the staff of the hotel. We were quickly on our way to our rooms, and we couldn’t wait to get out of our cold and wet clobber and hopefully relax a bit before we went out to dinner. The room was a fantastic surprise – enormous and spacious, and super stylish – I wish I could have stayed there for weeks! With a beautiful satin bedspread and a soft sheepskin style rug on the floor, it was more than tempting to just snuggle in our rooms for the entire weekend. But London called, and after some complimentary drinks to refresh ourselves with in our rooms (very handy to have!) we set out to explore the city.

One great advantage of the Amsterdam Hotel is that it is in the perfect location – close enough to everything you’d want to see and do, but away from all those crazy, loud crowds that pack the city, day and night! For our first night, we explored the nearby Earls Court area – that was packed with things to do. We find some great restaurants – including some tempting looking Italian and Chinese places, though eventually we settled on a very attractive French style restaurant that was within walking distance of the hotel. As the evening had dried up a little, we found walking around Earls Court revealed more fun things to do – there were little theatres, bars and clubs – in fact, plenty of things to keep you occupied all weekend!

Harrods LondonThe next day, we fancied some shopping and the staff at the Amsterdam Hotel gave us some useful pointers on the Kensington area. Everyone knows about Harrods, the world famous department store, but experiencing it for the first time in the flesh is definitely a memorable event! With five storeys and what seemed like endless corridors and gleaming halls packed with everything you could ever imagine – from delicious cakes and sweets, tempting cooked meats and tantalising hot food, fabulous perfumes, jewels fit for a queen, and incredible fashion items from all the latest designers – we didn’t want to leave. But while the luxury wares of Harrods can be a little tough of your wallet, there are also lots of other great stores nearby that are a little more down to earth – we loved catching up on High Street fashions in Topshop and Zara, just across the road. It’s a good job that our hotel rooms at the Amsterdam Hotel were so big and spacious – all the better for keeping all our shopping bags in!

After a soothing pamper in the beautiful hotel room, we headed out to catch a musical on the West End. Definitely a must-do experience, there’s nothing like live theatre on the stage in London! We really loved our weekend stay at the Amsterdam Hotel, and can’t wait to do London all over again soon!