Press release: Amsterdam Hotel New Website

The Amsterdam Hotel is pleased to announce the launch of its newly launched website, featuring attractive new features and a clear, easy to navigate web design, for a more user friendly experience. The hotel’s new website has been created to reflect a stylish and contemporary look, while also being informative and easy to understand. A simple, neutral palette gives an attractive appearance, whilst also being easy through navigate without excessive distractions, or risking creating a boring looking website.

The new website features extensive detail on the hotel’s accommodation and facilities, to give guests a full understanding of what to expect, prior to their arrival. Each accommodation offered at the hotel is illustrated by clear, bright photographs, which show each size of each room in full detail. The photographs show that each room is bright, spacious and attractive, regardless of the size of the room. The website also shows clear photographs and details on the different types of rooms on offer. Highlighting the hotel’s many awards that it has received serves to increase user confidence in the hotel services.

In addition to the photographic overviews of each room, the website also features a new gallery, showcasing clear images of each aspect of the hotel, giving potential guests a clear an easy to understand view of what to expect at the hotel. An extensive gallery, featuring 30 images of the hotel, give a realistic view of the cleanliness and attractiveness of the hotel.

As well as boasting an attractive gallery, the website has many other design features to highlight the hotel’s availability. A key feature of the new sight is the Quick Book function, which allows users to see the dates during which the hotel has availability of rooms, and when the hotel is at its busiest. The new website also shows select special offers that may be being promoted on the website, giving users a chance to take advantage of special bargain rates.

Twin Apartment Earls Court

The new website also highlights the hotel’s main social networking channels, to encourage users to connect with them via their Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube pages. A Twitter website app or gadget allows users to see the most contemporary news on the hotel’s Twitter feed, at any time of the day. While users may also be a part of these social networks already, these give the user an opportunity to share information about the hotel with other users.