Ten interesting facts about London

Think you know everything there is to know about London? You’d be surprised at all the hidden secrets this ancient city has tucked away. Beneath the super slick, fast paced exterior, London has lots of interesting gems to explore – here are just a few of the most interesting unknown facts about the city!

London Interesting Facts

Fact 1 - London may be the capital city of England, but it’s also home to hundreds of languages apart from English! This vibrant multicultural capital boasts over 300 languages being spoken in it everyday – that’s more than anywhere else in the world.

Languages in London

Fact 2 - The city has a vital and energetic cultural life. Visitors to the city will queue around the block for entry to its many museums and galleries, which all offer a fascinating insight into the worlds of art, fashion, science and history. There are over 170 museums, of which 11 are national institutions. And with free entry to many of them, they are a wonderfully affordable option for a day out.

London Museums

Fact 3 - The snaking shape of the river Thames is one of the most iconic parts of London, but there are in fact many lost and hidden rivers that once ran through the city, including the rivers Tyburn, Effra and Fleet, that gave its name to Fleet Street – home to Britain’s top newspapers until the 1980s.

Snaking shape of the river Thames

Fact 4 - London is a global fashion capital, attracting top designers, celebrities and fashion lovers from all over the world to enjoy its fabulous boutiques and stores. The bi-annual London Fashion Week has helped to put Britain’s fashion industry on the global map, and generates over £100 million of orders each year.

Global Fashion Capital

Fact 5 - The City of London is the original heart of London, and dates back to the Roman city of Londinium, and even further back. In fact, recent excavations have unearthed priceless artifacts showing London’s long and colourful history!

City of London

Fact 6 - London was the birthplace of the world’s first public zoo. Nowadays London Zoo attracts thousands of visitors everyday from all over the world.

London Zoo

Fact 7 - London hit the world’s attention in 2012, when it hosted a breathtakingly exciting Olympic Games. But it’s not the first time the city welcomed the Games – in fact, London has been host three times.

London Olympic 2012

Fact 8 - The 72 storey skyscraper that marks the city skyline, known commonly as the Shard – is the tallest building in the European Union, standing at 1,016 feet.


Fact 9 - London often acts as a body double for many famous movie locations – and has played the role of a spaceship, in Aliens and a violent Vietnamese battleground, for Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

London in Movie

Fact 10 - Covent Garden – once home to a bustling market and now containing a wealth of boutiques, theatres and restaurants – is named after a typo! It was actually named after the garden belonging to a local convent.

Covent Garden

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