What to do if you fall out of love with London

Samuel Johnson, the world-renowned English writer who made such a major mark with his contributions to English literature as poet, essayist, editor, biographer, literary critic and moralist, once said: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

LondonLondon is a huge, bustling, international city. The economy of the London metropolitan area, which is the largest in Europe, is responsible for  approximately 30 per cent of the UK’s GDP (in excess of£400billion) and is in constant competition with New York as the most important city of international finance, with over half the UK’s top  and 100 of Europe’s largest companies headquartered here.

Like any of the world’s major and most important cities, there is so much to see and do, and so many people to do it with! The one thing that first-time – and sometimes repeat – visitors often find is that its sheer size and constant activity can be tiresome.

But isn’t that the case with so many major world cities? Or even smaller cities for that matter? The big difference is that London is perhaps one of, if not THE most famous city in the world.

If you do feel you are in fact falling out of love with London, just step back for a moment and think of the:

1-  Limitless range of interesting and unique things to see and things to do, many of which are free and many of which won’t cost a fortune

2-  Wonderful, unique attractions that make London so unique. It is said there are over 1,059 different attractions to see in the city, enough to keep you busy for well over two years

3-  Unique international hustle and bustle of a city that doesn’t really sleep

4-  Wonderful shopping experience with everything from top international fashion and haute couture all the way down to bargain-basement  and even £1-an-item shops

5-  Range of international cuisine appealing to all pallets, including Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Middle-Eastern, Mexican, European, Asian, North and South American and many more

6-  Ease of getting around, with an underground systems stretching right across the city and further and a value for money overground bus system

7-  Incredible West End theatre district with top international productions featuring top-class, famous stars

8-  Total ease of access to major transport hubs and links to the entire United Kingdom and beyond

So there’s really no need to fall out of love with London at all.